SIR-VR Established

April 30, 2016

How did SIR-VR start? It was originally two guys very passionate about video games connected by a single FaceBook post by the other announcing that they wanted to get started in the game industry as a musician. The musician was my friend, Eman. Eman and I met long ago as co-workers at Dave & Busters where I worked to cover expenses as I went through my undergrad at Drexel University.

Fast forward a few years and here I was just really excited about the possibilities that Virtual Reality held for me after seeing the launch of the HTC Vive and SteamVR. I felt hopeful that I could somehow be a pioneer in the field and bring together VR and next-gen control-based games using my background in Neuroengineering.

I began my journey reading articles and posts ranging from Gamasutra to The Verge where there was an article from the founder that created GoD Factory: Wingmen. The article really detailed what it took for this individual to get started and complete his game. I began to use the information I acquired and promptly reached out to a law firm specializing in video games and copyright law – Morrison & Lee LLP . They helped me to get started with contracts I would need and other legal advice. I also used NOLO initially to establish my LLC. [ Note: I’ll cover the details of starting your own LLC in a separate post and how to go about it as an individual looking to get started in the video game industry or any industry in general.]

It has been a rewarding experience as the team grew in size, attended many events such as Games For Change Festival at the New School in NYC where our team participated in the first ever VR BrainJam, Health Hackathon at Thomas Jefferseon University and became finalists in the VR/AR Track with our application ARI (Augmented Research Interface), and began earnestly working towards creating unique VR experiences.